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VOTE: October 24, 2022

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The decision to run for Mayor is grounded in the areas where you have told me how you want to see the city grow. Over the course of my term as a Northcrest Councillor, I have represented the interests of the Ward, as well as those of our City. In my experience as the Vice-Chair of Economic Development and other committee work, I have identified key areas where the City can expand our tax base without compromising on our cherished green spaces and natural habitat.

I have a C.L.E.A.R vision to pivot the City towards the type of sustainable growth that we are ready to experience.

We have complex issues to resolve such as homelessness, a shortage of affordable housing, diversifying commercial and industrial land use, and hammering out arobust climate action plan. 

This is our City, it is our Future. Let’s make Peterborough a vibrant place to live!

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We need your help to make this C.L.E.A.R vision of Peterborough a reality! Sign up to learn more about our campaign and how you can support this vision.

Get Involved

We need your help to make this C.L.E.A.R vision of Peterborough a reality! Sign up to learn more about our campaign and how you can support this vision.


Stephen is a community builder and an advocate for community involvement in creating public policy and accountable government. He demonstrates these values through his long-time promotion of opportunities for youth to participate in government locally, in addition to his long time and continuous support of the cultural community on various national and local stages.

As a 17-year resident of Peterborough, Stephen understands the challenges of residents and businesses located here. Having worked as a legislative assistant and having worked on behalf of entrepreneurs and Canadian families, Stephen knows how government works and how to build the consensus to get things done using practical, positive approaches that reflect his understanding of all the families, businesses and rate payers of the City of Peterborough.

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A C.L.E.A.R Vision

for Peterborough

Community Safety & Climate Action

We need a path forward to build on our climate action plan. A robust
and pragmatic plan must include consultation with local, and other
experts, as we navigate through housing retrofit programs and the
eventual electrification of our commercial fleet.

Leading and Engaging Toward Balanced Growth

We need to correct our current imbalance in housing options. Our
development and approval process must be streamlined to effectively
reflect the balanced growth of when we build, what we build, and how we build as our population grows.


Peterborough is in the 3rd wave of substantial economic change. To move past our historic industrial centres and into the 21st century means taking the lead to expand our long-term vision to include novel creative sectors, innovative clusters, and new opportunities in clean technology and manufacturing.

Airport Development

After taking the lead on demonstrating
how the Peterborough Airport
can expand our tax base, and presence in the region, we will continue
our investment in the Airport recognizing it’s importance as a job
creator in the region.

Re-inventing Downtown Core

Our downtown core, which currently represe
nts more than 30% of our
tax revenue, can be a destination zone that honours our remaining
historic buildings while improving the infrastructure to increase density.

Help make this
vision for the Future of Peterborough a reality

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